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By signing and submitting this form, I request to participate in the Town of Chapin Solid Waste Management Franchise Residential Collection program. I understand that Capital Waste Services is an independent, private franchisee and that I am contracting with Capital Waste Services for the solid waste collection service. Further, I acknowledge that I have read the Rights and Responsibilities information provided with this request and agree to abide by those Rights and Responsibilities.

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I am requesting that CAPITAL WASTE SERVICES provide service at the above residence as part of the Town of Chapin Solid Waste Management Franchise Residential Collections Program. I agree to pay to CAPITAL WASTE SERVICES $14.27 per month and understand that these payments will be due in quarterly (3 months) payments billed to me by CAPITAL WASTE SERVICES at the beginning of the quarter.


I am requesting that CAPITAL WASTE SERVICES provide service at the above residence as part of the Town of Chapin Solid Waste Management Franchise Residential Collections Program. I agree to pay to CAPITAL WASTE SERVICES $30.00 per month and understand that these payments will be due in quarterly (3 months) payments billed to me by CAPITAL WASTE SERVICES at the beginning of the quarter. I further authorize CAPITAL WASTE SERVICES personnel to enter onto the property at the above address for the purpose of collecting household garbage and recycled materials and agree to hold CAPITAL WASTE SERVICES, its owner(s), management and personnel harmless for loss or damage that may occur as a result of normal, non-negligent activity necessary for the completion of household garbage and recycled materials collection. I also understand that backyard collection applies only to household garbage and recycled materials.

* Backyard Collection is defined as collections from a clearly identifiable area greater than five (5) feet but not more than 150 feet from the edge of the closest private or public road, usually in back of, beside of, in front of, or in a carport of the dwelling. Not at the rear of the property line.

* Capital Waste Services has the right to terminate this contract if a customer’s address does not fall within the geographic limits of the Town of Chapin. Geographic limits are defined by Capital Waste Services.

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  I have read and agree to the terms of this agreement and the terms stated below in Appendix

Franchise Agreement Appendix

Customer and Contractor Rights and Responsibilities
General Program Information & Responsibilities

Residents choosing to participate in the Town of Chapin’s Franchise Waste Collection Service will receive curbside collection of household garbage on a weekly basis and recyclables every other week. For an additional fee, limited backyard pickup of household garbage and recyclables is available.

The service provider will mail or e-mail billing statements directly to the customer no later than the 15th calendar day of the last month prior to the start of a new quarter (September, December, March, June) and payments are due before the 16th calendar day of the first month of each quarter (October, January, April, July). Providers are not responsible for lost or misplaced billing statements, and customers are expected to understand that payment is necessary for continued service. Payment is due to the service provider at the beginning of each quarter. It is recommended that customers not make payments that extend beyond the quarterly billing cycle. If a customer fails to pay for collection service, or does not comply with the customer responsibilities as specified in the County’s Franchise Agreement, the contractor will not be required to provide collection service to that customer. If service is terminated for any reason, the contractor’s roll- carts may be picked up. Resumption of discontinued service may require a re-instatement fee of $35.00.

Recyclable items are collected every other week. 95 Gallon “roll-carts” are provided by the service provider. Recycled items may be loose and co-mingled in the roll-cart. Please do not place plastic bags full of recyclables in the roll-cart. Recyclable items cannot be co-mingled with household garbage or yard trash. The following items may be recycled:

  • Plastics #1 through #7
  • Newspapers & inserts
  • Magazines
  • Chipboard
  • Office paper
  • Junk mail
  • Cardboard
  • Aluminum
  • Clean metal cans
  • Clean glass bottles and jars – no broken glass, no mirrors, no plate glass, no dishes or china).
  • Household garbage and recyclable items will be picked up separately. These items should be picked up between 6:30 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. on their scheduled collection day.

    Items NOT accepted by your collection service provider include: Electronics (Specifically computers, TV’s, monitors and printers), Industrial and commercial waste, hazardous materials, medical waste, construction materials (other than incidental materials generated from normal household upkeep by the occupant), dirt, rocks, bricks, concrete blocks, refuse from commercial tree cutters and other commercial activity, debris exceeding four inches in diameter or four feet in length, dead animals, tires, batteries, vehicle parts, used oil, oil filters, liquid paint and other products considered to be petroleum, oil or lubricant related. Items not collectable by your service provider may be accepted at one of the County Collection and Recycling Centers or the County Landfill.

    For back yard service, fence gate(s) must be unlocked and pets must be secured by a leash or other appropriate fencing separating them from the container(s). Containers must be easily visible and readily accessible for collection.

    Commercial businesses or individuals providing any paid service at a residence are responsible for the storage, collection and disposal of waste generated by their business activities.

    No collections will be made on New Year’s Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving Day or Christmas Day. Collections normally scheduled for these holidays will occur on the day after the holiday, and collections on each successive day during that week will occur on the day after the usual collection day.

    Basic Service Provider Responsibilities:

    Provide in writing a general announcement of collection and rate schedules, timely & accurate billing, information defining solid waste and recycling guidelines, and route change announcements in a timely manner.

    Provide two 95 gallon or larger roll-cart containers per residence for household garbage collection and recycling. (Roll carts remain the property of the service provider – if for any reason the customer is no longer participating in this Waste Collection program, the service provider will pick up the roll carts).

    Set aside one (1) week each month during which household furnishings, appliances, and other large items, if placed at the curbside by the customer, shall be removed by the Contractor. The Contractor and the customer shall enter into a separate agreement for this service and the fee shall be in addition to normal collection costs.

    Return collection roll-carts to the area from which they were collected. Roll-carts will be placed upright with attached lids open. Gates used for access to back yard pickups will be left as they were found.

    Appropriately respond to any complaint of missed service by the end of the next business day.

    Pickup all refuse and litter resulting from collection activity, including the use of automated collection trucks.

    Basic Customer Responsibilities:

    Make certain all containers are accessible for pick up. Place appropriate containers at the curbside of the nearest public or private roadway no later than 6:30 a.m. on the day of collection. Containers should be removed from curbside no later than 7:30 pm collection day.

    Use the roll-cart containers provided by the contractor for household garbage and recycling materials only. (Do not put yard trash in the roll-carts.) Place excess household garbage in secured containers and/or plastic bags. Material for recycling should be placed loose in the recycling roll-cart provided by the contractor. Please do not place plastic bags full of recyclables in the roll-cart.

    Customer is prohibited from depositing or accepting waste in their roll-carts any type of waste or recyclables that originate outside the residential property on which that customer resides.

    Contact the service provider to report a missed pickup or other complaint within 48 hours of the occurrence of the missed pickup or other complaint.

    Provide a minimum of 15 day notice to the contractor when terminating service for any reason.

    Pick-up all strewn refuse resulting from broken bags, garbage not properly prepared for collection, and/or any other causes, except contractor mishandling.

    The following types of wastes are not acceptable:

    • Industrial and commercial waste;
    • Hazardous materials;
    • Construction materials, except incidental materials generated in the normal upkeep of a household by the occupant;
    • Dirt, rocks, bricks, concrete blocks, etc;
    • Refuse from commercial tree cutters;
    • Debris from trees, cut by anyone, which exceeds four (4) inches in diameter or four (4) feet in length with the exception of Christmas trees which may exceed the four (4) foot length;
    • Dead animals or large amounts of animal waste;
    • Tires, batteries, vehicle parts, used oil, oil filters, paint, and any other product considered to be petroleum, oil, or lubricant related.
    • Electronics to include computers, TV’s, monitors and printers.